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What’s New

Alpha Stream - v1.x

v1.12 – December 7, 2023

  • Autorun Tests (beta) submits a form a few times with gnarly data to help you find edge cases. For example, we have 18 edge cases for valid and invalid email addresses. After the autorun is complete, you get a report of what was tried and a description of why that value should or should not work.

auto run beta feature

  • Improved “fill” actions for WSIWIG style-inputs, and iframe nested items

v1.11 – November 23, 2023

  • “Mark as Done” on suggestions to hide for 5 days (or until you unhide them)
  • Cloud accounts to synchronize notes, allowed domains and completed suggestions across devices

mark suggestions as done

v1.10 – November 20, 2023

  • Improved stability for iframes

v1.9 – November 17, 2023

  • Added Fill My Form function that uses label matching and data generation to fill out your forms with reasonable values in 1 click.
  • Added File Generator
  • Added StarWars theme to generate functions
  • Improve inspection “show me” function
  • Improve suggestion prioritization
  • Improve stability (iframes, screenshotting, alt tags on tracking pixels)

File Generator Feature

v1.8 – November 8, 2023

  • Add grouping for Inspector results (error, warning, success, to-check)
  • Add Inspector for all element-based test suggestions
  • Add “Show in devtool” to inspector results
  • Move test suggestions to the top (notes moved lower down)
  • Add error/warning counts to suggestion list
  • Improve suggestion prioritization
  • Improve Inspection “show me” functionality
  • Improve styling

Taxi Sidebar demo for version 1.8

v1.7 – October 30, 2023

  • Add Automations Inspections to some suggestions. Automations Inspections automatically run some tests for you or make it easier to find failing elements.

simple automation example

v1.6 – October 21, 2023

  • Fix issue with copy box causing horizontal scrolling
  • Add attribution for content library items from the community
  • Add date input recognition

v1.5 – October 16, 2023

  • Add ability to inject text snippets into main window (one click instead of copy/paste)
  • Improve context menu stability
  • Improve context suggestions library and filtering

inject text

v1.4 – October 12, 2023

  • Add a way to see all your notes in a specific domain with the “All Notes” button.
  • Make it easier to find the Generate tool
  • Improve context window detector for element overflows and improve stability

all notes

notes webapp

v1.3 – October 10, 2023

  • Improve side panel open/close functionality

v1.2 – October 6, 2023

Generators offer a quick way to create sample data that you can copy/paste in to your app. Make personas, phone numbers, emails, localized phone numbers, addresses and more. All generators offer localization to a specific region and a few themes to keep things fun.

v1.0 – September 1, 2023

Contextual note taking makes it easy to jot down notes for a specific page or template and have it come back up the next time you’re in that spot of the app. Contextual notes use pattern matching in the URL to determine “where you are in the app”.


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