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Shifting Your Test Automation into High Gear

White Glove Service in 24 Hours Flat

Integration | Regression | End User | Cross Browser | Browser-based

Get Coverage -- Fast!

We create tests faster than ever using our carefully crafted testing platform. Get 120 automated tests added to your suite each business day until we’ve reached appropriate coverage. No more waiting months for automation coverage to catch up with development. Get coverage as you need it.

Quality that doesn't cut corners

All our tests are reviewed and tweaked by professionals who have been in the trenches testing for years. We may be fast, but we don’t cut corners. 

Reasonable run times

Our average test takes 3 minutes to complete. We build our tests to be parallelizable and we have the infrastructure to scale out to make sure your test suite runs quickly!

Integrates with CI/CD

Using Github Actions, TeamCity, CircleCI, or Jenkins? No problem. We’ve got you covered!

Maintenance is quick and painless

As you make changes to your app, our automated testing follows along. When you launch new features, we update your coverage to match – fast. Get an updated suite in days instead of weeks.

How does it work?

  1. Account Setup
    We hook your test environment and begin building your test suite. Your first test suite will be ready in 1 business day.
  2. Review Initial Suite
    You review our initial set of tests and do a first run of the test suite. If you aren’t satisfied with our tests, you’ll get your money back.
  3. Build Out Coverage
    We’ll continue to build out your test suite to achieve the level of coverage you would like.
  4. Maintain
    As you add new features and make changes, we’ll match your changes with updated test suites.

Get Testing Taxi working for you

Reach out to hello@testingtaxi.com
or find me on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/natebosscher/