Testing Taxi

Intelligent Assistant for Testers

Software Testing Assistant that helps you test more thoroughly

Taxi Assistant gives relevant test suggestions and notes from your Chrome sidebar.


Taxi Suggest

Get relevant test suggestions based on context

  • Generic cheat sheets and lists slow everything down while you switch screens and scroll through and search for that test idea.
  • Racking your brain for testing ideas is exhausting and it’s hard to come up with new ways to test things.

Taxi Suggest scans your browser page and serves up relevant tests that you can try. Suggestions include how to’s and links for more information. Think of this as a giant cheat sheet that is automatically filtered every time you navigate in your browser. 

Taxi Notes

Track your notes - in context

Switching to your word doc and finding back that note about testing user accounts is annoying, and easy to overlook. Taxi notes, allows you to record notes right in your browser sidebar, and attaches them to your url context. Record notes about how to test your dashboard, and the next time you navigate to that dashboard – your notes show up just as you left them.

Test Library

Get test ideas, with explanations and built-in assistants

It’s hard to find ways to test the same app you’ve worked on for a while. Get inspired in our curated test library. All of our tests contain how to’s and links for further reading. Some even have videos and little tools to help test that particular item. Our catalogue covers everything from security to accessibility, usability and UI and is forever expanding.

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