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Michael Buckbee
Expedited Security
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Solid pick for developers and testers focused on web applications... It fits in nicely with my existing testing flows, so it’s an easy enhancement. It's an essential tool for those seeking efficiency and organization in their web testing processes.

🚀 Autofill Tedious Forms with One Click

Get past those pesky forms quickly and get to the real spot you want to test. Let us auto-fill your form with reasonable sample data. Just place your cursor in an input field and press the fill button (or use the keyboard shortcut).

Always-on Spell Check and Issue Auto-Detection

As you work, we scan for spelling and common issues. Just leave the sidebar open and we’ll show orange or red alerts when something doesn’t look right. Our issue detection covers everything from in-secure links to missing alt text on images.

Discover Hidden Boundaries with Edge Case Generator

Did you know there are over 12 email format boundaries that most systems don’t check for? We’ve got common boundaries like max/min length, but also format-specific ones so you can hit all those weird cases before the customer does. You can test your form for boundaries by placing your cursor in a field and hitting run.

Detect Device Issues Faster with Render


Testing on another device or browser takes a few minutes to set up. You need to open up the new device, find the browser, login and get your app into the situation you want to test. On Testing Taxi, you can test on other devices and browsers with a single click. We take care of the setup and render your screen exactly as you have it. It takes a few seconds and it’s one click away.

cross browser/device render screenshot

More ways to go deeper

Quick Access to Sample Data

Copy/pasting data from your word doc isn’t a great way to test for boundaries. You can get realistic, randomised sample data with our data generator. Simply click in your form input and use the keyboard shortcut or click to insert the values.

Learn with Contextual Suggestions

There are a lot of ways to level up your testing game. Contextual suggestions give things you should check on the current screen. Suggestions all come with step by step instructions and why you should check this. We have content from top testers on things like Security, Usability and Validation.

Jot a note (and actually find it back)

We’ve all thrown a few notes in a word doc or on our favourite note app while we’re testing. After a while the doc becomes huge and we can’t find anything back. Testing Taxi provides contextual notes so you only see what’s relevant. Want to remember something about the user profile page? We’ll show it to you there, not on the reporting page.

Audit for common issues

There are a lot of pesky quality issues that we can quickly detect for you. Things like missing alt text on images or buttons that don’t meet the usability standards. Our audit makes it easy to show what’s failing (and saves you pulling out your pixel measuring tape)

Free in Chrome Webstore